an agent-based model of participatory disinformation

This is an agent-based model created in the NetLogo multi-agent programming environment that simulates the top-down/bottom-up dynamics of what has come to be known as “participatory disinformation.”

You can find the code for the model on GitHub if you want to download and run it locally in NetLogo. Or you can run the model online at the NetLogo Modeling Commons.

This model was created as a final project for the class Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling offered by the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Explorer program in Spring 2021.

A visual representation of participatory disinformation, next to the model simulation. First image courtesy of Kate Starbird, UW, Center for an Informed Public

See the article “What is participatory disinformation?” for a description of the real-world phenomenon. This model is based on the work of researchers at the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public, et al, developed in the context of disinformation about the 2020 United States presidential election.