Here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • I am actively seeking employment in researching the dynamics of disinformation, digital influence, collective behavior, and trends in technology and social media; and in organizing knowledge and creating projects to support an informed civil society. I will be attending school as a part-time student in a remote/online mode in the Fall of 2021 and would like to find employment in some capacity that furthers my research and career goals as detailed throughout this site.
  • I am preparing to begin my first quarter as a graduate student in Library and Information Science at UW at the end of September. I have several orientation classes to complete, as well as a seminar about doing graduate level research.
  • I am taking a Data Science Certificate online class offered by IBM and Coursera. I have completed eight of the ten units and expect to finish within the next month. I also have another course lined up in cultural analytics and computational social science. And a lengthy curriculum of many other skills to self-learn.
  • I am working on my ongoing independent research about the fields of disinformation research and the study of collective beliefs.