After applying to several master’s programs I was accepted into the University of Washington’s Master of Library and Information Science program.

This program was my first choice, due to my appreciation of the research produced by UW’s Center for an Informed Public in the context of understanding disinformation and collective behavior.

I will begin taking classes in the Fall of 2021.

My decision to pursue a Library and Information Science degree has multiple factors:

  1. I was originally considering pursuing a Data Science master’s in order to do social media analytics and data journalism type disinfo research, but I already have a technical background in software and a degree in Computer Science. I will be better served by broadening my perspectives.
  2. In order to contribute to improving our social information ecosystem and do research on collective sensemaking, it will be important for me to gain a deeper understanding of the social and human-centered aspects of information and information seeking.
  3. While investigating the investigators I was struck by a statement made by Dr. Joan Donovan on Twitter, that to tackle disinformation the world needs more librarians and information scientists who can “fix search.” Something about this resonated with me and sent me down the path of learning more about the discipline.