Scott P. Johnson

Cursed Librarian

I work at the intersection of technology, information science, and collective behavior on mitigating informational harms and violent extremism. I am currently pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science degree and am employed as the Tech Lead at GIFCT.

My work and research touch on:

Cursed library science

The management of harmful information, content moderation and trust & safety, digital archiving & preservation, and entangled research methods for cursed knowledge.

Digital extremism

The influence of digital technology, misinformation, propaganda, and information operations on the emergence of cults, conspiracy theories, and terrorism and violent extremism.

Collective information science

The theory and practice of collective information behavior, including sense-making, crisis informatics and rumoring, the dynamics of information ecosystems, and corrupted and stigmatized information seeking.

Complexity science

My work is informed by a qualitative and applied approach to complexity science, systems thinking, and organizational studies as well as…

Critical technology

A critical and analytical perspective on sociotechnical systems, surveillance and algorithms, cybernetics, and swarm intelligence.