Scott P. Johnson

Researcher | Systems and data analyst | Library and Information Science student

I am an early-stage researcher interested in social information dynamics and the emergence and influence of collective beliefs. I seek to understand the relationships between information technologies and collective sense-making (and nonsense-making) in networked communities and organizations.

I am starting a master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Washington iSchool in the Fall of 2021.

I have 15+ years of industry experience in systems analysis, data analysis, software engineering, and applied organizational research.

I aspire to become employed as a researcher and investigator of disinformation, digital influence, collective behavior, and trends in technology and social media.

Besides going to school, I am presently engaged in updating my skill set to include methods that will be useful for this work – ranging from computational social science and cultural analytics, to data journalism and digital investigations. I am also researching and documenting the field of disinfo research itself as a cultural librarian.

Please contact me for random questions, or if you are interested in hiring me or supporting my work or learning efforts.